Announcing our Marketing Partnership with DAO Maker

Since Navcoin’s inception in 2014, we’ve strived towards always being on the verge of the cryptocurrency industry. The many advances in the development of our Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, our decentralized governance model and our privacy-preserving technologies have put us in a privileged technical position compared to other players in the market.

The previous years of the market’s downtrend have been tough. Early on we had to make a decision to dedicate most of our limited resources to creating a solid technological base from which we could construct the best value transfer system possible for our community. Keeping in mind all our technological achievements in this period, we believe that we made the right decision. Among other things, our efforts have led to the integration of OpenAlias, cold-staking, a decentralised community fund, a DAO system and the soon to be released privacy protocol, blsCT/xNAV.

While we are immensely proud of our technical achievements, we acknowledge that technical development is not the only factor to consider, when trying to assert Navcoin to reach greater adoption. Thus we have decided to start dedicating some of our resources to have our message reach a wider audience. Creating quality content, educating our potential future users about the most compelling features of Navcoin and expanding its message as broad as possible will be some of our most important tasks to focus on these next months.

To achieve this goal, we are very happy to announce our marketing partership with DAO Maker. DAO Maker is a technology consultancy company that works with leading innovators in the blockchain industry to undertake their most critical challenges for capturing their highest-value opportunities. They are pioneers and leaders in strategy consultancy for tokenized products’ branding, business development, and growth since 2017.

DAO Maker offers various services to their clients, including Social Mining technology, omnipresent exposure methodology, and BizDev services. Their team delivered successful and lasting results to all clients from various blockchain sectors. Thanks to that, they’ve had established an extensive network of wallets, blockchain projects, staking providers, payment processors, and exchanges.

We are really excited about what this partnership will bring to Navcoin and we both expect to see exponential growth derived from it.




Fast, cheap and private. Cryptocurrency for everyone.

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Fast, cheap and private. Cryptocurrency for everyone.

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