Earn NAV by Spreading Navcoin’s Message: Meet the Navigator’s Social Hub

  • Retweet or reply to a @navcoin tweet
  • Tag @navcoin, $NAV, $XNAV or $WNAV in a tweet
  • Mention Navcoin in a tweet without tagging
  • Create or comment on a post in r/Navcoin
  • Create or comment on a post in another subreddit and mention Navcoin or NAV

Ready and eager to participate?

  • Login with your Twitter handle or simply authorize the app if you’re already signed in
  • Once signed in, the Dashboard will be shown and it’s now time to connect your accounts and start earning points
  • Click on “Connect your accounts”, and a status page of your connected social media accounts will now get displayed. You have the option to connect your accounts from Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Binance
  • Connect your Reddit account: Click on the blue “Connect” text
  • Connect your Discord account: To establish a connection to your Discord account, you should click “Connect” to get started
  • Add a Navcoin address: By adding and verifying a Navcoin address that you own, you can receive the “Navigator” status on our Discord server if the address holds 20.000 NAV or more. If you hold more than 50.000 NAV, you’ll get rewarded with the “Hero” status
  1. Select the Navcoin address that you’d like to add
  2. Paste in the line “I want to become a Navigator!” in the message field
  3. Click on “Sign Message
  4. Copy the signature
  • Connect your Binance account: By connecting your Binance account using a read-only API key, your NAV trades will be viewed and rewarded with points



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