Earn NAV by Spreading Navcoin’s Message: Meet the Navigator’s Social Hub

6 min readDec 3, 2021


Hi Navigators,

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new social mining platform.

In our social mining platform you can earn points for social media activities, like (re)tweeting, being active on Navcoin’s Discord server, posting on Reddit and creating articles or videos. Based on the accrued points, rewards will be paid in NAV to every contributor. Points can be earned with:


  • Retweet or reply to a @navcoin tweet
  • Tag @navcoin, $NAV, $XNAV or $WNAV in a tweet
  • Mention Navcoin in a tweet without tagging


  • Create or comment on a post in r/Navcoin
  • Create or comment on a post in another subreddit and mention Navcoin or NAV


Join our Discord server and receive points by participating in the conversation, answering questions and offering support in the community.
Posting on Discord doesn’t generate points directly, but the best and helpful posts will be rewarded by moderators and heroes.


Connect to Binance using a read-only API key and get rewarded by trading NAV.

Write an article about Navcoin

Write your own article about Navcoin and submit a link to it. The Navcoin team will then review your article and assign points to you based on its quality. You can earn up to 20 points for an article.

Create a video about Navcoin

Create your own video about Navcoin and submit a link to it. The Navcoin team will then review your video and assign points to you based on its quality. You can earn up to 40 points for a video.

Ready and eager to participate?

  • Login with your Twitter handle or simply authorize the app if you’re already signed in
  • Once signed in, the Dashboard will be shown and it’s now time to connect your accounts and start earning points
  • Click on “Connect your accounts”, and a status page of your connected social media accounts will now get displayed. You have the option to connect your accounts from Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Binance
  • Connect your Reddit account: Click on the blue “Connect” text

You’ll now get redirected to Reddit, and if you’re not signed in, you’ll be prompted to either sign in or create a new account. For the next step, you’ll need to click “Allow” to grant its access

The Navigator’s Social Hub only has access to your Reddit username and sign-up date, but if needed the access can be revoked through your Reddit user settings under “Safety & Privacy” → “Manage third-party app authorization

  • Connect your Discord account: To establish a connection to your Discord account, you should click “Connect” to get started

An access review page will now get shown for you to grant access to the Navigator’s Social Hub. Tap the “Authorize” button to grant read access to your Discord account. This access can be revoked under the Discord settings for “Authorized Apps

  • Add a Navcoin address: By adding and verifying a Navcoin address that you own, you can receive the “Navigator” status on our Discord server if the address holds 20.000 NAV or more. If you hold more than 50.000 NAV, you’ll get rewarded with the “Hero” status

To add a Navcoin address, make sure to click on “Add address”, then select and copy “I want to be become a Navigator!” (excluding the quotes) for you to paste in as part of your signature in the next steps

In your wallet (the example shown is the Navcoin Core wallet), go to “File” → “Sign Message” and follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Select the Navcoin address that you’d like to add
  2. Paste in the line “I want to become a Navigator!” in the message field
  3. Click on “Sign Message
  4. Copy the signature

In the Navigators’s Social Hub, type in your wallet address in the first field and paste the signature you just copied from your wallet in the second one. Now click “Add” and your Navcoin address should get added to your profile on Navigator’s Social Hub.

  • Connect your Binance account: By connecting your Binance account using a read-only API key, your NAV trades will be viewed and rewarded with points

To connect your Binance account, click on “Connect with Binance’.

If you already have a read-only API key that you’d like to reuse, you can fill that in, however it’s recommended to create a new dedicated API key for the Navigator’s Social Hub.

Creating a read-only API key for Binance can be done here. While on the API Management page for your Binance account, you should type in a recognizable name for your key and then click “Create API”.

Once done, you should see an overview of your created API key and its associated Secret key.

The next step is for you to copy and paste the API key as well as the Secret key into the two fields on the Navigator’s Social Hub, and then click on “Add” to connect with Binance.

With that done, all of your accounts should now be connected to your profile on Navigator’s Social Hub. Click on “Navigator’s Social Hub” on the top left of the page to get to your Dashboard, where you can review your connected accounts and view a list of tasks that can be completed for points as well as the points that you have earned. You can also check out the Leaderboard showing the points of the top earners.

At the end of each month, your share of the rewards pool will get distributed to your Navcoin rewards address, so make sure this is set under “Connect your accounts” → “Rewards address”.

To prevent people from gaming the system, you also need to either receive at least 1 tip point via Discord OR connect your Binance account to the Navigator’s Social Hub.

Thanks for reading, and have a NAV-day!

If you’re in need of additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our community on Navcoin’s Discord Server.




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