Social Mining via Zealy (public launch)

2 min readJun 22, 2023


Hello everyone!

Our social mining program has just been re-released on Zealy.

Some might have seen that the first phase of the launch was for our Discord community only. Now, we’re opening it up to the broader public.

We’ve chosen Zealy as the operating system because it’s easy to use and has a public leaderboard for full transparency. Each month the top three spots will get $NAV rewards as well as one other randomly selected user from the board.

The prizes are: 50$ (I), 40$ (II), 30$ (III) and 10$ for the lucky random user — all paid out in $NAV.

At the end of each month we will make the winning announcement via Discord.

To win, complete as many tasks as possible to climb up the score ladder. Periodically, new quests will be added to the roster.

To avoid any confusion, here are the ground rules:

  1. No unfollowing/refollowing to cheat. Completing a task like following our Twitter once won’t earn points if repeated the following month.
  2. If tasks are not completed as per description, the entry will be voided and the user disqualified.
  3. If multiple users tie in points, prize money is divided among them.
  4. Moderators may disqualify suspected cheaters or abusers without warning.
  5. Accounts created solely for the purpose of accumulating points for different giveaways will be ineligible. We’re rewarding people, not bots.

We’re kicking of the public launch with the #PrivacySummer campaign. Check out the related tasks and happy questing!




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